Méga Kia Brossard

8650 Boulevard Taschereau
Brossard, Quebec
J4X 1C2, Canada
Phone: 1-877-606-1469

Kia dealer in Brossard

Méga Kia Brossard

YOU'RE looking for a Kia: WE have the biggest Kia inventory in the GREATER MONTREAL area

YOU'RE looking for a vehicle under warranty: WE offer warranties on our vehicles

YOU'RE looking for financing: WE offer 1st and 2nd chances at financing on the spot

YOU'RE looking for a good price: WE have no hidden costs and the best price-quality ratio

YOU'RE looking for a vehicle in good condition: WE have certified technicians inspecting our vehicles

YOU'RE looking for choices: WE always have more than 75 vehicles on the lot

YOU'RE looking for a $10 000 or less vehicle: WE always have vehicles for every budget

YOU'RE not able to find your vehicle: WE will find it PERIOD.

WE ARE MEGA KIA BROSSARD and we are hard at work for YOU!

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